Excellent Students Make an Outstanding School

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Excellent students make an outstanding school. Doing excellent or quality work is one of the 5 Powers of a Champion. It means that you do your best to achieve the requirements of the task, resulting in satisfied customers or supervisors and the good feeling of pride in your work. But achieving that goal can be a challenge due to outside forces and your own destructive attitudes. Excellence is essential in rising above the crowd and in providing others what they want. You benefit by improving your own esteem and self-worth, as well as how others view you. This means that you must do excellent or high quality work in everything you do. How you do things relates to how you feel about yourself--your attitude, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and pride in your abilities. It is also important in how others look at you. Excellence and quality products and services are essential for a business to be a success.

You may ask, why and how is this so. Well for starters, let us take a look at our school for example. Stella Maris is a good school with a number of outstanding features. Students achieve well because of the good teaching they receive and the strong guidance that teachers provide. There is some outstanding teaching in many departments. Teachers plan well to interest and challenge students. Excellent relationships and mutual respect create a very positive climate for learning. Where this is matched with methods that allow students to engage with the learning the pace is brisk and sometimes the atmosphere is “electric”. Furthermore, an excellent curriculum makes a very strong contribution to students’ enjoyment of learning and their success in national examinations. The wide range and good balance of academic and vocational subjects meets the needs and aspirations of students very well. The school’s Catholic values…...

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