Ethical Awareness

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Ethical Awareness

Sharon Lockhart


Michael Smith

March 22, 2013

Ethical Awareness
In my inventory I found out that I try to do what is right, and when I have to make a decision I try to do this on my ethical thinking. I think that if you behave ethically this come from the conscious thinking. I think that all to be ethical we must choose how we act and what rules we follow. That was a surprise to me because I think everyone should always do the right thing, no matter what situation they are in. In my inventory it says that I think that the end does not justify the means, and tells me that I am most closely aligned with a deontological theory. It also shows that in my thinking everyone has the right to respect as an individual, also believing that people should be able to make their own choices. I also believe that a person should do the best that they can do to be honest and to help whoever I can that crosses my paths. Knowing that I am doing the best I can do and as long as I have respect for the people I come into contact with then I am doing the right thing.
By applying what I have learned in the work place I hope that it will keep my efforts and wants to be able to help people as the number one effort in my work. I have always wanted to help people and once I got started and seen how many people out there needs to have help then this just made me want it more.
Where I have volunteered and where I plan on going as far as business, I want to know that I am making the best decision in helping the person that needs help but also giving them the feeling that they are not bad because they need help and at some point in tie I hope my helping them gives them the ethical feeling that they can help someone else. Working in the world does not change the way I think as far as being moral in what I do and I will always try to do the ethical…...

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