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Bulgaria – presidential, semi-presidential or parliamentary republic? by Vera Dimitrova, 11114075

According to the political scientist Lasswell , politics is “who gets what, when and how”. Every country has different definition for “who” “what” and “how” and so different political systems are preferable. Since there is no formula for determining whether a particular regime is suitable for a particular nation, except maybe the experience, it is very hard for me to prescribe a good government for Bulgaria. Yes, the semi – presidential regime in France is a successful and stable one. But does that mean that it will be successful here? Bulgarians are very different from the French in cultural aspect. Yet, many believe that the Bulgarians are very close to the Russians. Does that mean that a semi – presidential regime in Bulgaria will be like the one in Russian which is, probably, the worst scenario? I don’t think so. The demographic, social and economic factors for every country are specific and that’s why taking in account the specific features of Bulgaria is crucial in defining the best political system for us. Let’s start with two factors having huge social impact on Bulgaria - the 500-year-rule of the Ottoman Empire and the communist regime. Almost 600 years of our late history the common Bulgarian citizens spent in obeying to the established rule and living with the decisions someone else made for them. For hundreds of years our will, individuality and creativity was surprised by the Ottoman empire and less than a hundred years after this rule ended – we adopted another one – the communist. The constant presence of foreign political pressure and the disappointment from the Bulgarian government made the Bulgarian skeptical and reserved towards the State. The low standard of life in Bulgaria compared to the one in the rest of the European countries…...

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