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The Ultimate Camp Trip based on a true story
Kayla Baird

One weekend, two best friends, Layla and Ashlynn, decided to go on a camping trip. It was going perfect, until in the middle of the night, when they heard the most horrific scream.
Layla immediately jumps up. “WHAT WAS THAT?”
“I..um…don’t know. Should we check it out?”
“What do we have to protect us?”

“I can call on Mina, my magical llama.”
“Nooo….Ashlynn…just no. Here grab this twig, and I’ll take my pillow.”
“What are you going to do with a pillow? Sing them a lullaby and make whatever that was fall asleep.”
“Shut up.”

In a crouched position, they headed for the woods. Somehow the friends sensed the scream came from that direction.
As they were walking, Ashlynn spotted a blood trail then heard footsteps to the right of them. She grabbed Layla’s arm and pointed to the right. There was obviously something or someone walking. After a moment of silence, they decided to follow.
Finally, it stopped. Layla and Ashlynn crept close enough to see what it was. It happened to be a grizzly bear. They ceased with fear.
“I know you are there. You both fail at being sneaky.” Layla almost fainted. She whispered, “Did that bear just talk? It can’t be.” “Indeed I did, sweetheart.”
“How can you talk?” Ashlynn demanded. “The same way you can, by opening my mouth. Humans are so naive to believe the conception that animals can’t talk.” Layla jumped back into the conversation. “Did you hear that awful scream?”

“Do you know what happened?” Ashlynn asked.
“No. You see when the scream took place, I was…uh…running…from a tiger. This must have been the fastest tiger alive.”
“There are tigers in these woods?”
“Of course.”

“Well, why were you running from the tiger?”
“Because….um…….I…..hit his brother. Yea, I hit his brother, so he started chasing…...

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