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demand of houses by a noteworthy boundary. Dealers were eager to supply more houses at greater prices and lesser ones at cheap rents (McDowell et al., 2006).A growth in the populace of Atlantis led to a larger demand for housing which in chance donatedto the rise in rental charges as demand-outstripped source. As significance, the dealers were readyto supply more units at better rent charges. When the populace declined, the demand for housingfell and the existing divisions were rented out at petite charges. Logically, the dealers were notvery intense to hoard all their divisions to the marketplace at miserable amounts.Existing alternatives touch the demand and supply of a product. A figure of people inAtlantis possessed households in the conurbations and did not require to rent houses in the town.The demand for houses fell and this obligated the dealers to cut back on supply or decrease rents inattempt to fascinate more customers.Customer flavors and favorites touch the supply and demand of goods and facilities in themarket (McDowell et al., 2006). When customer styles moved from two roomed flats to separatehouseholds, the change in demand for flats reduced whereas the demand for separate housesincreased. As a consequence, dealers increased the supply of separated houses.Under free market circumstances, an undesirable change in demand consequence in lesser amounts demanded and as such, providers are motivated to decrease supply. A constructive changein demand leads to an increase in amounts demanded and a constructive change in supply asdealer’s location themselves to take benefit of advanced prices (Griffiths & Stuart, 2000). As adealer, the lower the value, the less I will source to the market in an offer to drive up prices whendemand upsurges. With an increase in demand, I would hoard more units to the market so that Ican make additional incomes by accusing…...

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