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The following is intended to represent a summary of NASSCO benefits. By implementing the correct SWP (Strategic Workforce Planning Systems) by ultimate objective is to understand our workforce dynamics so that talent can be managed proactively to ensure that future business goals are met.
Should there be conflict between this information and that appearing in plan documents or summary plan descriptions, provisions in the plans will apply. NASSCO may alter or discontinue these benefits at any time, with or without notice.
The following are proposed benefits available for our workforce.

Health care
A variety of medical and dental options are available to cover the majority of your health care needs and to provide you and your eligible dependents with coverage for extraordinary expenses. •When Coverage Begins
•Coverage for you and your eligible dependents begins on your date of hire.
•Annual Enrollment If you are enrolled in one of the medical/dental plans NASSCO offers, you may change to one of the other medical/dental plans during the annual enrollment period which is two weeks in November each year. Once you change your medical or dental plan or both to another medical/dental plan, your new coverage becomes effective the following January.
•New Dependents To have coverage from the time you acquire a new dependent, you must enroll him or her within 31 days following the date you acquire the new dependent. Coverage becomes effective on the date of the qualifying event. If you fail to enroll the dependent during the 31-day period, you may enroll them during annual enrollment (November), in which case coverage becomes effective the following January.

•Health Plans Currently Available Currently, NASSCO offers its salaried employees the following health plans:
•Kaiser Medical Plans
•Pacificare Medical Plans…...

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