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Hooman Sabzehzar, Jimmy Zhang, Irene Dai, Ian Zhang, Seyed M Jamali, Miras Ismail

STAR Format: Situation, Task, Action, Result


Enhanced Language Training (ELT) offered by TDSB.

• 14-week program experience in-class training followed by a work-placement experience. - Eight-week enhanced language training course, focuses on improving Business English skills and introduces clients to Canadian workplace culture. • Within the first eight weeks, clients receive sector specific training in one of the following fields: • - Accounting, Customer Service & Administration for Immigrant Women, Engineering Financial Services, IT and Sales & Marketing.

• Unpaid Work Placement Experience • Job Development Support

Program Eligibility

• Newcomers that are eligible to work in Canada; • All learners must be Permanent Residents or persons who have been deemed a Convention Refugee; • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 6+ or LINC level 5 (completed); and • Learners must be committed to an 8-week Business English program.

Marketing ELT to a specific audience of other new immigrants, job seekers, people who need to enhance their English language skills – and those unaware of the existence of the ELT Program

Suggestions for Improvement:

1- Rebranding and repositioning of the program 2- Increase awareness in different communities 3- Increase the reach to the target market 4- Encourage alumni to promote the program through social media 5- Engage audiences at social-multicultural events 6- Hand over flyers right at the airport to newcomers 7- Set up booths at career fairs 8- Create awareness before landing through CIIP 9- Create awareness amongst potential employers


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