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To: Carl Johnson
From: Carl Parker
Date: [ 11/25/2012 ]
Re: Site Survey Benefits
A Site Survey is a detailed look into what normally takes place within the buildings of the company. It is also known as a “realistic understanding of the infrastructure required for the proposed wireless LAN solution” (University of Phoenix, 2004). Site Surveys are very important to a company when adding or changing an existing network. Site Surveys are a good source to help depict where the access points should be located based on the infrastructure and other interferences of the building in order to gain the best range of coverage.
If a Site Survey is not conducted then there could be possible repercussions. If a Site Survey is not completed then it could cause disruption in the WLAN capabilities for the clients/customers and employees. This could result in higher costs to troubleshoot and correct the problems. It could also mean that there is significant down time which can increase the frustrations of the clients/customers. This could ultimately result in lost profits as the clients might choose to go elsewhere resulting in downsizing in the company. The list can go on for why a survey is a much needed item.
There are three categories for tools that are needed to conduct a Site Survey. They are as follows: 1. Wireless tools – survey the access points 2. Measurement tools – measures radio frequency and packets 3. Documentation tools – blueprints, layout designs, Site Survey forms, and other supporting forms
University of Phoenix. (2004). Conducting a Site Survey [Multimedia]. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, IT241…...

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