Doubt and Belief

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Doubt And Belief

“ Christ says, “ Ask, and it will be given unto you. Seek, and you shall Find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. “ On the other hand, when my son for instance is about to do a piece of schoolwork, he asks god for help. But, to be quite honest, it doesn’t always help. (Pg. 40)

“We ask, for instance, for good health; a mother does that for her child, a man for his wife; we ask that a people as a whole may not fall into great error--- and we know that what we ask is by no means always granted us. In the case of someone for whom it is a matter of life and death, this can become a serious problem. Why has he had no answer, or at least nothing like the answer he had asked for? Why is god silent? Why does he withdraw? Why is it that just the opposite of what I wanted is happening? The distance between what Jesus promised and what we experience in our own lives makes you think, every time--- it has that effect in each generation, for each single person, and even for me. Each one of us has to struggle to work out an answer for himself, so that in the end he comes to understand why god has spoken to him precisely like that.” (Pg. 40)

“ Augustine and other great Christians say that god gives us what is best for us—even when we do not recognize this at first” (Pg. 40)

These three quotes explain exactly how I personally experienced some experiences; I went through in the past. During my 2011-2012-basketball season we went through a rough stretch, were we only accomplished losing games. I asked the lord and myself why us, why my team, why this year, WHY? I could never understand exactly why the season we were having, was happening. I could only begin to think that not all good things happen to good people. The amount of stress and hours of pain put in throughout that basketball…...

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