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Executive Summary

The Walt Disney Company was started in 1923 when brothers Walt and Roy Disney joined together to start what would become known as one of the most successful entertainment companies of all time. Through years of carefully calculated risks, taking advantage of opportunities in the market, and diversifying the company Disney has achieved worldwide recognition and market share in the majority of their business segments.

Throughout this analysis of The Walt Disney Company, we will review the major decisions and reasons why Disney is so successful. We review the Corporate Level Strategy – which is on the outside a diversified approach, with a breakdown of all business segments, then go further in depth with their major Business Segment, Media Networks. The Media Networks segment is a highly diversified segment that includes domestic and international elements, with both internal productions as well as many subsidiaries that expand their offerings beyond traditional Disney productions.

We will analyze Disney with the Porters 5 forces model, as well as a SWOT analysis. Within these two analysis models, we find Disney is well positioned for the current moment as well as the future. Disney is well positioned against new entrants to the industry as well as current rivals. Disney’s history of family friendly, safe, and “magical” entertainment that is neither offensive or vulgar has paid off, with 87% of parents who watched Disney productions as a child introducing their own children to current Disney movies, television broadcasting, and theme parks.

Attempting to expand in the current entertainment industry is not without its threats. Rival entertainment options, especially in the media networks, studio productions, and interactive media (which is still not profitable) has a chance to encroach upon the market share that Disney has…...

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