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Fred Smith
123 Easy Street
Northfield, WI
Cell- (715)555-1234

Jay Winfield
Resort Manager
Mr. McGibblets Water Park Resort
211 East Adams Street
P.O. Box 777
Las Vega, NV53965

Dear Mr. Winfield:

As agreed, Mr. McGibblets should pay my medical expenses for an injury that I suffered at your resort on July 5, 2010. Additionally, my family and I would like to receive two nights of free accommodations in one of your 3 bedroom suites at the Wild Spring Lodge on July 9-10 of 2011.

On July 5, 2010 I was injured going down a waterslide in your Water Park. I was enjoying my ride until the mat that was provided for this slide broke and I was severely injured. I immediately rushed to the St. John Urgent Care Facility where I was examined and then, because of the extent of my injuries, told that I needed to be seen in the Emergency room at St. Thomas Hospital. After you and I spoke on the phone I contacted the billing department at St. Thomas Hospital to inform them that the resort is going to be paying my medical expenses. The hospital then informed me that as a “self pay” patient (as opposed to being covered with medical insurance) I receive a 20% discount and that if the resort is going to pay my medical expenses directly then the resort will be liable for 100% of the charges.

Enclosed is a copy of two invoices from the hospital visit. Please make a check out to Fred Smith in the amount of $634.30 and send it to the above address in order to avoid paying the additional 20% that the hospital will charge you to pay them directly. If you would rather pay the hospital directly along with the additional 20% please notify me immediately that you will be doing so.
Note: one invoice covers the facilities charges while the other invoice covers the physician’s charges.

My wife, Betty, and I have been loyal customers and have vacationed at Mr.…...

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