Dinner to Remember

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A Dinner to Remember

My dinner party will be hosted in Calitri, Italy. I chose Calitri, Italy because it was named after one of my ancestors. My dinner party will be on top of an old castle while watching the sunset. At the table, along with myself, I will have Elizabeth I, Socrates, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. We will be seated at a round table so that everyone can be facing each other, and it will be during the summertime. The food we will eat will be all Italian. For the meal, we will have a traditional four course meal, just like my grandmother makes. First, we will start off with the antipasto, also known as an appetizer. We will have sparkling wine and an assortment of different cheeses, breads, and meats. Next we will have the first course, or the primo. This will consist of pasta with homemade sauce. Third, we will have our second course, or the secondo. We will eat chicken and have vegetables that are freshly picked from a garden. And lastly, we will have dolce, or dessert. We will be served homemade cannolis and mascarpone. When everyone is done with their meals, we will sit around the table and drink coffee. The first person I would choose for my dinner party would be Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich, an estate near London. She lived during the Golden Age. She accomplished many things in her lifetime such as, Made the first Church of England a protestant power, had the first theatre built while she was under rule, and ruled England as a woman for forty years. Making the first church Protestant meant that normally reject the Catholic and Orthodox. Elizabeth I also said that she would never marry and she kept her word and never got married. At the table, I would have her next to me. I chose this because I think it would be an interesting…...

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