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Heads of expenditure for proposed 3 star Deluxe Airport Hotel

Summary of Exp. Heads

| Description | A. | Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning system | | VRV Systems & others HVAC systems | B. | Electrical | I | Internal & External Electrical Installation | II | Sub Station Equipment | III | Emergency Power Generation | IV | Data & Voice System | V | MATV and Music System (Head end equipment) | VI | UPS System | VIII | Elevators (2 Nos) Johnson or other make | VIII | Fire Detection and Alarm System | IX | Building Automation System | X | Security System (IP Based) | C. | Plumbing system | I | Plumbing including pumps, fittings, Chrome Plated Fittings, Water Closet, Wash Basin, Concealed Cistern etc. | II | Water Treatment Plant | III | Fire Fighting & Hydrant system | IV | Hot water system and mechanical services |

Details of Exp. Heads | Description | A. | Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning system | i | 12 Nos. 10 TR VRV AC Systems with Indoor & outdoor unit @50,000/ TR | ii | Electric panel for AC, cabling, wiring, control wiring and earthing. | iii | Mechanical ventilation system for plant room, DG room, sub-station, kitchen, stores, toilets etc. |

| Description | B. | Electrical | I | Internal & External Electrical Installation | i.. | Point wiring (Including switches) | ii. | Mains and Sub-mains (Cable) | iii. | LT panels, APFC Panel & distribution boards, Bus ducts etc. | iv. | Rising Mains & Bus duct | v. | Earthing for Lightning protection and distribution system, UPS & EPABX | vi. | Service area lighting fixtures | vii. | External lighting feeder pillars and cabling | II | Sub Station Equipment | i. | 11 KV Vacuum Circuit Breakers (1…...

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...Marketing digital Resumo Trabalho realizado para conclusão da disciplina de Tópicos em Administração Contemporânea IV, ministrada pela Profª Drª Neila Cunha aos alunos da Turma 2011 de Administração da Universidade Federal de São Carlos – Campus Sorocaba. Resumo Trabalho realizado para conclusão da disciplina de Tópicos em Administração Contemporânea IV, ministrada pela Profª Drª Neila Cunha aos alunos da Turma 2011 de Administração da Universidade Federal de São Carlos – Campus Sorocaba. 1. Introdução A tecnologia e a globalização transformaram o mundo econômico de forma tão intensa que atualmente novos conceitos no ramo de negócios surgiram e estão começando a tornar-se populares. Um destes conceitos é o de uma Nova Economia, pautada por atividades de negócio que têm um potencial de crescimento muito elevado, e que contam com tecnologias inovadoras e com acesso praticamente ilimitado à informação (LUZ, 2000). Nesta nova economia, todas as atividades de um negócio passaram a poder se desenvolver de uma forma melhor, mais rápida, efetiva e direta. Fala-se também da Economia Digital, que é um termo que procura expressar que nesta fase da economia as redes e infraestruturas de comunicação digital devem fornecer uma plataforma global onde pessoas e organizações interagem, definem estratégias, se comunicam, colaboram entre si e obtêm informações para atuarem, seja de forma coletiva ou individual (NEGROPONTE, 1995). As estratégias de Marketing também sofreram...

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...CHAPTER 1: DIGITAL MARKETING 1. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the new age form of marketing in which companies or brands use modern digital mediums like that of the internet. At its core, digital marketing centres around the extremely powerful medium of the internet. The internet can be used to “push” a message to someone like email, RSS etc as well as to “pull” content serving a banner ad & Pay Per Click search terms. Digital Marketing as a term has been around for too long but suffers from the lack of a clear & lucid definition. It does not include more traditional forms of marketing such as radio, TV, billboard & print because they are not real time & do not offer instant feedback. Thus the definition of Digital Marketing would be: Digital Marketing is the technique of promoting products & services using database-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in a relevant, personal & cost-effective manner. Digital Marketing includes: 1.1 Online Marketing • Website Optimisation • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEM) • Social Media Optimisation (SMO) • Blogs & Forums • Online Display Advertising • Email Marketing 1.2 Mobile Marketing • Messaging (SMS & MMS) • Mobile Internet • Mobile Apps • App Advertising 1.3 eMedia Marketing • Video, Audio & Content delivered via electronic devices • Digital Billboards Digital Marketing can be implemented in two ways: Push digital marketing & Pull digital......

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