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贷款卡业务申请书 借款人全称: 辽阳和祥投资有限公司 组织机构代码: 59480089-9 贷款卡编码: 法定代表人(负责人): 马志义 身份证件号码: 211004196410257814 经办人:刘毅 身份证件号码: 211002198510162018联系电话:13841989270

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|本报告书中所填情况、数据及附送的报表均属实。如有虚假,愿接受人民银行照章处理。特此承诺。 |
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...Hatshepsut who ruled over Egypt long before Cleopatra, Queen Victoria of Great Brittan, Queen Elizabeth II queen of England today and the list could go on and on. However, the two female rulers that we are going compare are Wu Zetian of china who was born in 624 A.D. and Pharaoh Cleopatra of Egypt who was born 69B.C. both was rulers of their time until their deaths. These two female rulers came from very different backgrounds but ultimately ended up on the same path to become strong rulers of their time who didn’t let nothing or no one get in their way of them keeping their kingdoms and the power that comes with it. Wu Zetian was born in 624 A.D. in Wenshui county, Shanxi Province and was the only female ruler to sit on the imperial throne. She ruled the self-proclaimed Zhou Dynasty which later became known as the Tang Dynasty from 690-705 until her death at 80 years old in 705A.D.Wu’s father Wu Shihuo was one of the meritorious chancellors of the Tang Dynasty he gave her an education by teaching her himself. Both Wu Zetian and Cleopatra was very smart starting when they was young women. Cleopatra Spoke 6 different languages Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Eygptian, Ethiopian and Greek. Cleopatra also studied Arts, medicine, music, literature and philosophy. Wu Zetian was also interested in politics and preferring to read instead of doing traditional women pursuits however wasn’t born into royalty like Cleopatra. In addition to their beauty being strong intelligent women was also...

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...De Montfort University Design of a rotor blade for axial flow turbomachine ENGD3036 Plant Analysis and Sustainability Student number: P15235891 Student name: Haotian, Wu 10th of January, 2016 Lecturer: Professor Udai Singh Contents Abstract 1.0 Introduction ........................................................................................1 2.0 The plot of the blade ..........................................................................2 2.1 Data ..............................................................................................2 2.2procedure .......................................................................................3 3.0 The leading edge and trailing edge .....................................................5 4.0 Calculation of stagger angle at mid-height .........................................7 5.0 Discussion about calculation errors in design ....................................9 6.0 Realistic representation of the stage ..................................................12 7.0 Discussion about generation and effects of ‘shock’ ..........................14 7.1 The generation of the ‘shock’ ......................................................14 7.2 The effect of the ‘shock’ ..............................................................15 8.0 Stress pattern with a tangential load ..................................................16 8.1 3-D model creating ..........................................................

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...University (WU) is faced with the decision of whether to develop and deliver a Master of Arts degree in classroom leadership. 1.) Build the management-research question hierarchy for this opportunity. The initial step in the research is the creation of a management-research question hierarchy, to formalize the process. For this case study, the management-research hierarchy is presented in Appendix A. The purpose of this hierarchy is to examine the various stages of the research question and present a logical sequence of increasing focus that will allow the development of a survey instrument that can be delivered to potential program applicants. The initial stage is to identify and state the management dilemma, which in this case is the impending new legislation. The State of Ohio intends to require all licenced teachers to have, or complete, a master’s degree before obtaining their second licensure to teach. Given that this is new legislation and WU is not obligated to offer a program, the “management dilemma” actually presents an opportunity for WU to develop a new degree program, thereby increasing revenue for the university. The second stage of the process is to identify the management questions. In this case, WU needs to decide what purpose would the new program serve?; would this program duplicate teacher development courses?; what format should the new program utilize (e.g., part-time, distance)? The third stage addresses the particular research questions: Does WU......

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...Comparative Essay: Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian Silke Karla Vinyard Strayer University Professor Mayhall HUM111346SC034-1164-001 (World Cultures 1) May 24, 2016 Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian were two very powerful women of their time. Cleopatra, Last Pharaoh of Egypt. As queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. Cleopatra’s family ruled Eygpt for more than 100 years before she was born around 69 BC. Empress Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty. She was one of the concubines of Emperor Taizong; she was the empress of Emperor Gaozong; she was the mother of Emperor Zhongzong and Emperor Ruizong; she was once a nun in the temple. But her most glorious title was that she was the only female emperor in Chinese history who actually ruled the whole country for almost half a century. How Cleopatra and Empress Wu Zetian gained their power Most nations of note have had at least one great female leader. Not the United States of course, but one thinks readily enough of Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt, Russia’s astonishing Catherine the Great, or Trung Trac of Vietnam. These women were rarely chosen by their people. They came to power, mostly, by default or stealth; a king had no sons, or an intelligent queen usurped the powers of her useless husband. However, they rose, though, it has always been harder for a woman to rule effectively than it was for a man-more so in the earlier......

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...Dr. Caren Stayer HUM 111 World Cultures 1 May 31, 2016 Within the empress of China Cleopatra and the last ruler of Egypt Wu Zetian were leaders of different cultures within the period of 690- 705 AD. They did have many different approaches to gain the empire and some similarities that Cleopatra was known for her beauty while both had to utilize this to rise to power. Whereas Wu Zetian whom did not have the quality of good attitude However Cleopatra being known for her charm served her way as a tool to survive later empire that they later become the ruler. www.womeninworldhistory.com/heroine6.hmtl Cleopatra family through royal standards she was however born of nobility, whereas her family members would marry each other or marry within the family far as, but still had a difference within them as far as daughters and uncles. http://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/cleopatra Wu Zetian was ruthless and had the desire to rule and have all power. Although she was able to rule throughout a peaceful time in period. However, Cleopatra shares the similarity with Wu Zetian on being able to be better than a man. Thus Cleopatra unlike Wu who was a leader during times such as war and also expansions throughout. She believed herself to being a leader and being a female who utilized her power in time throughout her principals and ideas. Therefore, ruling she went......

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