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Abstract— Computer viruses are widely recognized as a significant computer threat. The “birth rate” of new viruses is high and increasing due to global connectivity, and technology improvements can accelerate their spread. In response to this threat, some contemporary research efforts are aimed at creating computer virus immune systems. This paper analyses the computer viruses and attacks and also some countermeasures to prevent them. In particular, we discuss Intrusion Detection and Prevention techniques for handling web based attacks and to patch up different kinds of vulnerabilities in computer system.

Web based system makes the next way of computing. Global prosperity and even faster pace of business are driving the desire for employees, partners and customers to able to communicate from different location in this world.
With this phenomenal growth of computing devices, the threat of viruses is likewise growing. New platforms such as MAC OS of Apple and Microsoft Windows are highly attractive targets to virus and Trojan writers. As technology in the world of networking industries advances, virus writers have plenty of room for growth. Worse thing is security measures such as firewalls and virus scanners i.e. antivirus softwares are not widely used. The future may be even worse. With distributed programming platforms such as .NET, combine with Microsoft’s Windows platform the potential for viruses is even greater.

On the surface, the vulnerability of wireless devices to viruses and malicious code threats appears to follow the same patterns of vulnerabilities that the wired world has experienced. Yet, upon closer inspection, the vulnerabilities are more numerous and complex and can be categorized into three groups:
• Application-based threats
• Content-based threats
• Mixed threats…...

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