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Decisions for Keva Kava is one of the many strands of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Neighboring destinations such as Fiji, Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu attract many tourists who are in search of island paradise. Kava’s population is made up of an ethnic mix of local South Pacific tribes, Asian, African, French, Spanish, and increasing number of Americans. Local people speak various languages including French, English, Spanish, and indigenous dialect. The downside of Kava’s populations is that most of the people are under the age of 15. Kava’s economic sector gains income from petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gas as well as inexpensive, quality labor. The potential for increased tourism is well established in accordance with Kava’s location. Although there are some downfalls to the location, Keva sounds like a great place to vacation. The best business idea for a location like this would be a resort. The Air Force has resorts that can be used by active duty and retired personnel. With the economic times we are all encountering these days, the Air Force could reap some profits by having a resort in such a location.
This sounds like a great idea, but one must consider the potential problems. Consideration of potential problems, impediments and investment returns must be considered to analyze the Air Force resort’s potential presence. Kava location in the South Pacific makes the island susceptible to a lot natural disasters. Environmental forces to include tidal waves, hurricanes, typhoons and floods can several impact tourism and business profits. Kava is home to several volcanoes as well. Precise location of the resort will be vital against the threat of volcanic eruptions. An operational contingency plan is necessary to secure the resort’s presence in the event of damage from a natural…...

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