Depression Can Be Beat, No Drugs Needed

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February 19, 2013
Depression Can Be Beat, No Drugs Needed
If you suffer from depression, you know how hard it can be to cope. One of the well-known solutions to depression are antidepressants but before getting prescribed medicine, you should know that there are ways to overcome severe depression without drugs and that twenty to fifty percent of those suffering from depression find no relief from the antidepressants they are prescribed. Half of those who do find relief, discontinue use of their medication due to the side effects and those who stopped the use of meds have had their symptoms return (Love 13). In the story “A Blizzard under the Blue Sky” written by Pam Houston, the author is depressed. The author consults with a psychiatrist about her depression in which the doctor recommends to her anti- depressants. She thinks that the best remedy for depression is not to be dumbed down by meds but to be immersed in the wild and face death itself. In the wild, Houston experiences dangerous situations such as mountain climbing and hunting wild animals. Her mood soon improved as she focused on the beauty of the wilderness.
Pam Houston used nature to invigorate her mind and calm her nerves. People may not relate to camping as the best way to ease one’s mind, but however there are other outlets to achieve peace and serenity. One of the ways I keep myself from getting depressed is watching crime shows featured on the Identity Discovery channel. The shows reveal to me a harsh reality of how bad things can really be. Some people have more miserable lives as they are victimized by murder. This puts my minor worrying in perspective. Being alive and healthy is what I should really appreciate.
Having a secure home, warm bed and a place to shower is a privilege not to be taken for granted. However, even if a person…...

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