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Service quality, switching barriers, and brand image are the major antecedents of customer loyalty, and loyal customers may buy more, accept higher prices and have a positive word-of-mouth effect. Also we know that the cost of selling to new customers is much higher than the cost of selling to existing customers, also the cost of attract new customers is much higher than the cost protect existing customers ten times. Although this fact is apparent to everyone, many companies are still losing customers at a formidable rate. In this context the main aim of this research is to examine the relationships between these factors and customer loyalty in the Universiti Utara Malaysia sector. Based on the theoretical model, a comprehensive set of hypotheses were formulated and a methodology for testing them was outlined. These hypotheses were tested empirically by questionnaires to demonstrate the applicability of the theoretical model. The results indicate that service quality, switching barriers, and brand image are separate constructs that combine to determine the loyalty, with service quality and switching barriers exerting a stronger influence than brand image. Finally hypotheses H1, H2 were supported, while hypothesis H3 was rejected.

Keywords: Customer Loyalty, Brand Image, Switching Barriers, Service Quality, Mobile Telecommunication


Attract customers and satisfy them has become a hot issue and expresses present of organizations and the reason of its existing. Customer loyalty has become more important as rapid technology changes in telecommunications. Your…...

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