Cultural Background Paper

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Cultural Background Paper

Orientation One: Relation to the Environment (Lane, Maznevski, Distefano & Dietz, 2009).
Family Education in China
In a lifetime, family is the first school, in which parents are the first teachers for the children. In China, many parents care too much about whether the children have a promising future, a decent job, and a wholesome life. Based on these expectations, the majority of parents feel that their responsibility is to create as favorable conditions as possible so that the children do not have to worry about anything in the future. In addition, many families in China believe that children should not pitch in on any housework; the only thing they should do is homework, since parents regard the grades as the only indicator for future success. For instance, most Chinese students, including myself, are financially supported by parents. We do not have to work part- time in order to make a living; we drive to classes instead of riding bikes or taking school buses. Parents pay the tuitions, living, and other expenses on time as long as we let them know the number.
Chinese Parents Influence and Control the Future of Their Children To most Chinese parents, children are the hope of the future, inheriting their remaining dreams. They do everything they can ensure a promising future for their children. Further on, Chinese parents usually replace children’s interests by their own wills and thoughts. They make decisions for children in terms of choosing majors in college and taking a job after graduation. Consequently, when growing up, Chinese children are more needy and fragile, lacking the ability of living independently. Research has shown that Chinese students in the US have significant low levels of social adjustment; however, social relationships between other international students and American students are…...

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