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Microsoft Corporation, globally renowned for being the world’s largest software company, is an American public multinational corporation and an industry leader in Software and Information Technology services. It has diversified in recent years into the consumer electronics, computer hardware and interactive entertainment markets and is presently valued at $86 billion. Since its inception, Microsoft has always strongly supported efforts to promote further dialogue, greater activity and good practice sharing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or Corporate Citizenship, as the organisation has defined it internally. Its support for CSR is driven by the acknowledgment that it can contribute appreciably towards realizing the universal goals of full employment, better jobs and lesser poverty in the near future and has hence made CSR an important guiding principle of its corporate practices. As of today,

Microsoft is committed to integrating CSR principles into all aspects of its business activities and internal working practices.

The Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative
In alignment with the above principles, Microsoft’s global Corporate Citizenship initiative is a commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and industry partner, working with businesses, communities and governments to help advance social and economic well-being and to enable people around the world to realise their full potential. As a company at the vanguard of information technology, it has recognised its role and responsibility to maximise the opportunities of the information society for all. Its focus of Corporate Citizenship is primarily in the following major areas:  Unlimited Potential: Microsoft began with the dream of a PC on every desk and in every home. Thirty years ago, this seemed impossible. Today, for the more than one…...

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