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Critique Paper: Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is the trends manager at YouTube, this is a fancy title for someone, as he puts it “watches YouTube videos all day and gets paid to do it”. He claims that all successful videos meet one of three criteria mentioned in his TED talk. The purpose of this critique is to explain these points, evaluate them and then explain how Kevin’s video has influenced me with regards to social media marketing and how these points can be applied to marketing.

The Big Three Points

Kevin Allocca attributes the success of all videos with many views on YouTube to them having met one of three critical factors. The first of these factors is the influence of trendsetters. Trendsetters are someone who initiates or popularizes a trend, or in this case causes a video to go viral. This can be done in a variety of ways; it can even be something as simple as tweeting about it. Jimmy Kimmel did this with “double rainbow” when he tweeted about it on July 11th 2010 and caused it to go from almost no views when it was posted on January 18th 2010 to over 400 000 by the end of July 12th 2010 (Allocca, 2011). This however isn’t an isolated phenomenon; this happens everyday with celebrity endorsement and people even making their living by showing popular YouTube videos to others such as the comedy central program Tosh.0

The second point that Kevin made was that communities of participation often turn mediocre success into phenomenal success. This often comes about due to parodies or remixes of popular videos, which drives the success of the original even higher. For this he used the example of Rebecca Blacks Friday, while the video was also initially promoted by trendsetters such as Tosh.0 it’s success was also driven by the many parodies that soon followed. Less than a week after the video appeared on Tosh.0 ,it had a parody for every…...

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