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Cultural Studies is a discipline that studies society within a sociological interpretation. In sociology, society is not seen as individuals but as a system of principles, activities and exchanges accepted by human beings. This means that social organizations such as family or community are not people, they are organizations, or patterns, of views and actions by people, which are approved by people. (Long 2007) There are three classical sociological perspectives, one very different from the other in order to understand society:
Conflict perspective: Analyses the differences between the oligarchy and the working class, stating that society’s changes and interactions are related to numerous conflicts. (Stephen 2007)
Functionalist perspective: Looks at behaviours and find their reasons on exterior factors and not on the individual itself, and argues that several features of social conduct add to the living and expanding of society and its organizations.
Symbolic Interaction perspective: Positions that to understand society its necessary to understand the connotation of people’s actions and beliefs.
At the moment of discussing society and its organizations, despite the sociological perspective used there are interconnected factors to be considered: Technology, politics, economy, values and beliefs. (Ray 2007)
In the critical essay The Crisis of Public Values in the Age of the New Media, Henry A. Giroux’s discourse on the control of large corporations over the economy and how this affects the values of democracy, having as a result an individualistic attitude of the American people towards important factors that affect them as a society. Giroux explores the different uses of new media and its relation to the economical crisis and the essence of a democracy under a neoliberal setting, arguing that public education has to be the main instrument for a better…...

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