Corporate Governance, Shareholder Structures and Value Creation

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Summary : This paper analyzes the interaction between shareholder structures and the quality of the corporate governance structure in France using the value creation criterion. Using shareholder structures allows analyzing the performance of French firms and to measure an underperformance of “hard core” and diffuse ownership firms. This paper, updating results from Harbula (2004), also investigates the relationship between performance and shareholder stakes.

Keywords: Corporate governance, value creation (EVA, CFROI), enterprise performance, shareholder structures. Classification JEL: G32, G34

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Péter HARBULA: Corporate governance, shareholder structures and value creation



The objective of this working paper is to determine whether “hard core” governed firms truly underperform their peers. The main cornerstone of the analysis will be again to introduce the concept of shareholder structures. During the analysis, the common tools developed by corporate finance practitioners were used including, among others, value creation and return to shareholders. By performing this analysis, even if it is not the central point, the underlying question of ownership structure and efficiency will also be considered.

I will also include in the analysis, beside the performance measurement tools, an analysis if the evolution of the beta factor from the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). By that, the nature of the investors versus shareholder structure will be analyzed. If there is a significant distortion between the beta factor of the different categories of firms (using shareholder structure as a sampling criteria), then this means that investors already factor in some of the consequences in their…...

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