Contact Sports and Development of Violent Tendencies

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“Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.” These are the wise words of renowned author Chris Hedges. In today’s society, this proverbial disease has spread and has come to plague one demographic in particular: teenagers. It appears that incidents of teenage violence are always swarming the media and dominating news coverage which has led to psychologists and sociologists desperately trying to find the source of this aggression. However, even in this epidemic of violence amongst adolescents, there is one social organization in which acts of violence are not just tolerated, but glorified and encouraged as well; the world of contact sports. Could participation in contact sports be a major contributing factor in the widespread occurrence of teen violence?

This study focuses on the correlation between teenagers’ involvement in contact sports, and their development of violent tendencies, and it will help reveal whether there is a correlation at all between the two, and if so to what degree. Specifically, it will explain if, through the acceptance of violent acts performed in sports, a teenager is desensitized to violence and assumes those same acts are tolerated outside of the sports environment. It will also tap into the closely related matter of whether the glorification of these violent acts in sports, subconsciously teaches teenagers that violence is a good thing even outside of the sports environment. Finally, it will aim to discover if those who are involved and familiarized with violent acts in sports more likely to engage in similar acts of violence outside of sports.
Review of the Literature
Violence in Socialization While it is widely believed that the main stimulant for acts of violence in sports is the frustration of the game caused by the competitive nature of sport, researcher Nick Pappas…...

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