Comparing North Carolina’s Local and Public Health Agencies: the Legal Landscape, the Perspective and the Numbers

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Abstract to Comparing North Carolina’s Local and Public Health Agencies: The Legal Landscape, the Perspective and the Numbers

North Carolina has a lot of local public health agencies. Some of these agencies operate locally, meaning they can only be seen in individual counties while others can be seen regionally. There can be a local public health agency that is located in only one county; however, there can be another public health agencies that can be seen in counties as well as throughout the State. Both State and local policymakers as well as other agencies have discussed how to organize the State’s local public health system which was able to get a solution due to several bills that were introduced to the state legislature that if the bills are to be enacted, it will help organize the State’s local public health agencies. There are issues concerning the State’s local public health agencies as to allowing more counties to have the option of pursuing changes of governance and agency organization that are only in large counties, that local agencies serve a particular area with a cap on population or encourage counties to establish district health department or public health authorizes.

The local public health agencies are being compared in three broad areas of the legal landscape, the perspective, and the numbers. In the legal landscape, it talks about the information necessary to understand the legal aspects of delivering public health services at the local level. The perspective aspect, which is how we see things, talks about the different types of agencies and the exploring the local and state policymakers’ impressions of the different agencies while the numbers analyzes data like financing, workforce, information, technology, services delivered and performance on selected service delivery outputs and community health outcomes.

The legal…...

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