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Exploratory Paper: As Technology grows, there are more and more virtual schools popping up around the country. With this happening there are a few questions that you must ask yourselves. Is the education that you get from an online school as good or equal to the traditional school system? Can all students succeed in the online environment? Will students learn as much from an online course as they would in a face-to-face classroom setting? Are the degree’s that you may receive from these schools as good or treated as equal to an actual physically attended college degree? Some students feel different about this subject. Taking online classes makes more sense to them in their lifestyle or family situation. The students who take online classes may not be able to attend a traditional college, they may have concerning issues that will not allow this, whether it be having to raise a child and not being able to find adequate child care, or maybe just the cost of the actual school. There are students that do a mixture of both online and traditional classes. They take the classes that they can at a traditional college then take classes online as well. The mostly do this all at the same college that they attend. They may have some of the same issues in life and college but still find time to make it to a regular class room setting. This way they can choose and see what classes they can sign up for and take the rest online. So when comparing the degree’s that you get from the different online colleges it would have to depend on the actual college that you got the online degree from, whether the online college is an accredited school or not. When looking at the employer aspect of the question; Money recently wrote,
“Attitudes towards on-line degrees may be changing, especially since some well-known schools such as Duke, Stanford, Jones, and…...

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