Choosing a Communication Medium

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Choosing a Communication Medium
Group Dynamics

Choosing a communication medium for the scenario provided I would select The following. * Email * Web sites * Intranet * Video Conferencing
Email is a great source to receive information and data needed for all the training required. Information from the IT department and from the vendor can be emailed to each individual of the group. All information pertaining to the competition’s product can also be sent via email. Web sites also contain valuable information such as the competitor’s product site, information on developmental strategies and more. You could also view information on the successful sales methods through your own intranet or by viewing the “Best Of The Best Marketing Awards” information. Both methods above are the best way to gather the pertinent information needed for your training sessions. Although, the information and data needed for this training exercise should be gathered by the lead trainer. Then sent out to each individual assigned by each company as the designated trainee. The best method for this would be via email or web posting for downloading. As for which computer mediated communication method I would recommend for the training I would have to say video conferencing. Scheduling and planning when would depend on time zones, but it is possible. With this scenario it involves visual information, such as the new software application and information that was gathered via email along with verbal communication as to sharing ideas and critical thinking techniques. In training there will always be questions that need answers that can’t wait. Training should be synchronous so everyone is on the same page as to when and where to proceed along with visual slides as to where everyone should be in the software application. As long as everyone has all the information needed and…...

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