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Geno González
Chico Gonzalez: A Tremendous Human Being Who Influence my Life.
People like to say that “nobody knows what they have until they lose it,” and is exactly that happens with my brother Chico. Although I love him a lot and I recognize the strong values he has, it was when he disappeared in a cool and rainy night, fourteen years ago, when I realized how vital he was and still been in my life. Walking through this long path that seems not to have an end, I ask myself everyday how something like that could happen? Where is he? What happened in that night of October 3, 1997, in which looks like the earth swallow him? He, the kindest person I have ever met, whom taught me to dream and then, to believe that my dreams could become realities. He taught me with love and patience about love and respect. Respect to myself and respect to others. Chico González, my brother, my mentor, is not only a great poet and writer, but a tremendous human being, who influenced greatly my life.

Strong set of values he passed on to me. Chico was one of my older brothers, but the only one who remain living in the Dominican Republic, while the others used to life since very early age in the United States with my father. Since I was a young child, besides the fact that I was the youngest of twelve siblings, and a kind of doll for my siblings, I have fascination with my brother Chico. Something that characterized him was his clear set of his values, values he had passed on to me. He taught me how important is for everyone to have dreams and how one have to defend his dreams and pursuit until those become in realities, without compromising our integrity and our dignity. He also taught me the importance of respect to myself and to others, by emphasizing Benito Juarez's phrase "the respect of others rights is peace." Another value he taught me was about solidarity and social…...

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