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Running Head: Cesarean Young 1

Case Study 4
University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Keila Young
April 4, 2013
Instuctor: Mrs.Deborah Goad

Running Head: Cesarean Young 2
Location: Mercy Labor and Delivery Surgery Unit
Doctor: Dr. McClanahan
Patient: 21 years old
Breech presentation- the fetus’s feet, knees or buttocks enter the birth canal before the head.
Etiology of the disease process leading to this procedure or condition: The risk factors that contribute to this condition are the patient who goes into early labor, or has an abnormally shaped uterus, fibroids, or too much amniotic fluid. The patient that has be diagnosed with having placenta previa (when the placenta is on the lower part of the uterine wall, blocking the cervix). One more factor would be the woman that has more than one baby in the womb. One of the modifiable factors would be the early labor; sometimes we can slow down early labor with placing the mother to be on bed rest. There was a cohort study done that found that the percentage of breech babies went up or reoccurred with those who had been breech their selves as a newborn (Nordtveit, etl. 2008). So with this finding it can be assumed that there is a genetic predisposition to possibly birthing a breech baby. There are several things a physician may try to avoid a cesarean delivery due to the baby’s positioning being breech. If it is known that the baby’s position is breech during the prenatal period attempts can be made so that the head presents first. One thing the doctor may due is to have the patient try different at home positioning techniques to encourage the baby to move in the head down position. If the baby is
Running Head: Cesarean Young 3

not in a head down position after the 36th week, the…...

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