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Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania

1. If Alpen bank does in fact decide to launch a credit card, there are a variety of positions it could take. Given their reputation however as a higher income bank, I believe Alpen should target their current affluent customer base. By positioning their card in the higher income segment of the Romanian market, they will have the ability to charge a higher joining fee/ annual fee because the consumer will not weigh the decision as much as someone from the middle class. This means higher per-ticket spending and therefore break even more quickly as well as profit in time. Most importantly it does not change the perception of their brand as high end banking. The last result they want out of this venture is to lose their current clientele because people assume they are serving a broader market.
2. There are some factors Alpen bank must take into consideration before deciding to launch a credit card. First is the fact that Romania is largely a cash based market. People have a low understanding of credit and when to use it instead of cash. Among debit/credit card using countries in central and eastern Europe, Romania is towards the bottom with only 1.2 cards per household, most cards being debit. From this information it would seem that if launched, the card may not get used to its full potential. The target market for such a credit card would be those making 4,500 Euros a year and above, roughly 28% of the current population. This would insure higher per-ticket spending, a clientele with greater knowledge of credit and sync with the current perception of the bank’s premium image.
3. The cost of customer acquisition will be how much the total cost is to complete the market entries the firm sees fit to implement. If they were to use direct mailing it would cost about 625,000, take one-200,000, FSIs- 175,000,…...

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