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1. Why is this case included in a chapter about charismatic and transformational leadership?
a. This case deals with charismatic and transformational leadership because Heather will have to turn around a troubled organization. Turnarounds can be applied to organizations of all sizes.
2. What aspects of transformational leadership should Heather emphasize in her approach to rehabilitating Willow Pond?
a. Heather should most likely begin with an analysis of what changes need to be made, as she has already done. Next, she should work with staff members to sell them on the importance of change. Adopting a long-range perspective about survival would be helpful, as would be building trust. In recognition of the fact that Willow Pond would have limited funds for bringing about change, Heather should focus resources where change is needed the most, such as improved guest care.
3. How might emphasizing the charismatic aspects of her personality help Heather bring about the necessary changes?
a. Willow Pond is probably not in a position to offer substantial financial bonuses to workers who help bring about the changes necessary for the assisted-living home to survive. She may therefore need to rely more on inspiring workers with the charismatic aspects of her personality. Heather can at least prompt workers at the home to understand how positive changes in the home will enhance their working conditions.
4. Why might the job at Willow Brook prove to be a wonderful career opportunity for Heather Osaka?
a. As will be described in Chapter 15, one of the best ways to develop as a leader is to conquer a difficult situation. In this case Willow Pond is almost on the verge of failure, so Heather will have an excellent opportunity to develop her transformational leadership skills. She will probably have to overcome the resistance to change of workers at the home who like…...

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