Capitalizing on Healthier Breakfasts

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Capitalizing on Kellogg’s Effort to Make Breakfast Healthier
Andréica L. Morgan
Post University
BUS520.90: Competitive Intelligence
William Robinson
March 4, 2011

Summary of Analysis
Kellogg Company, the leading producer of breakfast cereals, is focusing its sights on creating healthier versions of the products that have found their homes in the hearts of the American consumer. By using current interactive marketing technology, focusing on how to integrate more fruits and grains into their products, and expanding into new markets, they provide a high bar for our little company to shoot for. Our way to compete against their extensive advertising budget, well-known products, and extensive distribution channels will lie in focusing regionally in supplies, production, and marketplace. This will allow us to capitalize on missed opportunities for using byproducts of current manufacturing processes as part of a two-fold aim – first to get the most out of our resources and second to be greener.


Current Capabilities
Strengths (Kellogg Company, 2010)
Our people Committed to excellence, passionate about achieving our goals, eagerly embracing new challenges
Our strategy Focused and consistent, delivers sustainable and dependable performance
Our business model Resilient and proven, relevant in all economies, drives long-term health of the company
Our brands Recognized and loved around the world, in strong categories, responsive to advertising and brand building

Lack of innovation in product delivery methods – sticking to bowl and spoon or single hand products
Process matrix so large innovation/change will take longer to implement than smaller companies

Current Capabilities
Strengths (Kellogg Company, 2010)…...

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