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Executive Summary
Dani Reiss is at a point in Canada Goose where the time for growth is now. Over the report we will be discussing what is the best way for Canada Goose to best combat their strengths and weaknesses to sell their product at full potential. Reiss must choose from Levine’s Menswear and Asmuns place. At these two locations Canada Goose will be able to better target men’s and women’s fashion segment. They will also get a more dominant position in upper scale mall, which is where we will find people who will be willing to pay our high price in order to get a quality coat. If our coat is seen in upper scale stores, this will also help to improve our brand image, to build a foundation in peoples minds as Canada Goose as a luxury coat. With added sales we should be able to improve our product line to offer an even wider range of coats and accessories. Our major issue with dealing with these types of retailers is there is no guarantee of our coat not being used as a loss-leader, which will highly decrease brand prestige. We will also face the possibility of losing a few key independent retailers when they fail to keep up with the upper scale larger stores such as Levine’s Menswear and Asmuns place. Ultimately, our company faces little risk, as higher-income people will always be willing to spend, to them, a small chunk of money on a coat that is of highest quality and extremely fashionable.

Problem Statement
How can Dani Reiss, the president and owner of Canada Goose Inc., move forward and expand the company while still maintaining the brand value?

Objectives and Goals
Dani Reiss, president and owner of Canada Goose has seen recent growth in the European market and the Canadian market. He is now at the point where he believes that with the right strategy, the company can grow to the point where it will become one of the market…...

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