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Master Thesis within Business Administration. Subject: Management. Authors: Valdete Jusufi Maja Saitović Supervisor: Karl Erik Gustafsson Jönköping May, 2007.

Master Thesis within Business Administration. Subject: Management.
Title: Authors: Tutor: Date: Subject terms: How to motivate assembly line workers Valdete Jusufi & Maja Saitović Karl Erik Gustafsson 2007-05-28 assembly line, motivation, industrial laundry business, incentives, Human Performance System

The purpose of our master thesis was to investigate what motivates assembly line workers performing low-skill jobs in a small industrial laundry business. We wanted to see what factors determine and influence their motivation to work and if and how this motivation can be improved with respect to assembly line systems in general. The method of our investigation was qualitative in nature, where we studied one firm that leases clean bed clothes and textiles to hotels and restaurants around Sweden. We constructed a survey on motivation and handed it out to the assembly line workers who deal with the laundry. Furthermore, we interviewed the shift manager in order to get the company’s view on employee motivation. Our findings indicate that there are several overlapping factors that determine and influence motivation in the long run. From this particular case we saw that a unified working culture and collective efforts both boost the willingness to work and help the process run smoothly. Furthermore, proper communication is motivating, where everyone should be committed to company goals, but the workers should be able to take part in profits, and not just generate them. Also, employees have to be considered as important as customers are. Another factor is to have the right resources to…...

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