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Section 2: StratSim Operations Guide
StratSimManagement is designed to be easy to use and is compatible with all the recent Microsoft Windows operating systems. This operations guide helps you start the simulation and also provides more detailed descriptions of each of the reports and decision screens. The StratSim simulation contains all the marketing, competitive, and financial reports for your industry. After reviewing these reports, you will make decisions that are automatically saved on the Interpretive website. Once your decisions (and those of your competitors) are completed, Interpretive will advance the simulation, update the results, and you will be able to view the outcomes. Getting Started StratSim is compatible with all the recent Microsoft Windows operating systems and requires a hard drive and Internet connection. The minimum requirements are: • Windows Vista or XP • Internet access (Broadband recommended, dial-up acceptable) and a web-browser • 4 MB of hard disk space (or zip drive / memory stick) Accessing the Simulation To use StratSim, first login at the student login page at You will receive your login information either from your instructor or directly from Interpretive. After logging in and placing your order, click on Simulation at the top, and Access Simulation in the left hand column to see the following page.
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From this screen, click on StratSimManagement Installation Program link to open or save the program to your hard drive.

StratSim Operations Guide - Page 25

Installation You may open and run the installation file directly from the Internet or download the archive (.exe file) to a folder. The StratSim software is in a self-extracting installation file. If…...

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