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The Business Edge Program – giving employers what they want

The development of employability skills, commonly referred to as key, core or generic skills, in business graduates is of increasing importance to employers worldwide. This focus on fostering skills, attributes and knowledge which better prepare students for the workplace is not a new concept but one recognised in both education and industry as now being a pivotal element of business undergraduate education.

In 2002, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry [ACCI] and the Business Council of Australia [BCA] developed a national framework for employability skills (Department of Education, Science and Training [DEST], 2002), see table below. In line with changing global and national business environments, a more contemporary employability framework is needed to first, reflect evolving industry requirements and second, to provide the Business Edge (BE) program with a clear set of program outcomes. As a core component of the Bachelor of Business, BE is based on a framework which captures and reflects current employer preferences and priorities (see table below); ensuring that ECU business graduates meet the expectations of today’s employers. 2002 Employability skills framework1 | ECU Graduate Attributes | 2010 BE Employability Skills framework2 | Communication | Ability to communicate | Communicating effectively | Teamwork | Ability to work in teamsCross cultural and international outlook | Working effectively with others | Life-long learning | | Self-awareness | Technology | Ability to communicate | Analysing data and using technology | Problem solving | Critical appraisal skills | Problem solving | | Critical appraisal skills | Thinking critically | Initiative and Enterprise | Ability to generate ideas | Developing initiative…...

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