Boeing Company Comparison

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Keith L. Hohl
EMGT 452
Semester Project
14 December 1999 Table of Contents

1. Introduction/Study Objective

2. Boeing Financial Statement and Analysis

2.1. Background and Product Lines
2.2. Consolidated Balance and Income Statements
2.3. Divisional Financial Statements
2.4. Ratio and Trend Analysis

3. Lockheed Martin Financial Statement and Analysis

3.1. Background and Product Lines
3.2. Consolidated Balance and Income Statements
3.3. Divisional Financial Statements
3.4. Ratio and Trend Analysis

4. Financial Comparison between the Two Companies

4.1. Consolidated Comparisons
4.2. Military Aircraft and Space Divisions Comparisons

5. Summary/Conclusions

6. Bibliography

7. List of Tables

8. List of Figures

List of Tables

T-1: Consolidated Financial Balance Sheet-The Boeing Company
T-2: Consolidated Income Statement-The Boeing Company
T-3: Divisional Financial Summary-The Boeing Company
T-4: Consolidated Financial Ratio Analysis-The Boeing Company
T-5: Consolidated Financial Balance Sheet-Lockheed Martin
T-6: Consolidated Income Statement- Lockheed Martin
T-7: Divisional Financial Summary- Lockheed Martin
T-8: Consolidated Financial Ratio Analysis- Lockheed Martin

List of Figures

F-1: Total Assets Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-2: Sales Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-3: Net Earnings Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-4: Net Capital Expenditures Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-5: Total Liabilities Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-6: Research and Development Divisional Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-7: Liquidity Ratio Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company
F-8: Asset Management Ratio Trend Analysis-The Boeing Company…...

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