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Lecture 6
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Medial temporal lobe/medial temporal cortex
Divided into two parts = cortex and subcortex
• Perirhinal cortex o Peri means next to or surrounding o Colatoral sulcus = humans. Rinal sulcus = rats
• Enorhinal cortex
• Parahippocampal cortex o Para = next to. Thus next to hippocampus
• Hipocampus
• Amygdala

In textbooks etc. they sometimes use the more general term vs. specific i.e. say medial temporal cortex when they mean perirhinal cortex.

Medial diencephalon
• Thalamus
• Hypothalamus

Sense of smell goes to parahippocampal and enorhinal cortex

Wilder Penfield

To do experiment = only remove a little bit of a tissue. Permanent window = remove bone forever. Or bone flaps, cut 3 sides and crack a hinge so that they can see under. Tissue is already damaged

Bone has an arterial structure in it.

Arrest response = stopping response = then you know you want to stay away from this area, i.e. when the patient stops talking etc.

Stimulating parts of the brain:
1/3 sensory reports
1/3 dejavu like experiences
1/3 actual memories

you can stimulate any part of the cortex and evoke a memory.

Also makes a difference of where it was

Area especially rich for evoking memories was in the temporal lobe
This is also where epileptic fits happened in many people. Where neurons fired rapidly and incoherently. Then eventually starts spreading.
Locus/loci spontaneously causing epileptic fits
Drugs can control epilepsy

He never tried to verify if the memories were real or not real. He did not evaluate that question.

Recent studies = zero reports of any of these actually being true memories

Agnosia = A means without and gnosia means knowledge. = without knowing or not knowing something

Several different knda of agnosia associated with particular locations. 2 major categories:…...

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