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About Bain & Company’s Private Equity business
Bain & Company is the leading consulting partner to the private equity (PE) industry and its stakeholders. Private equity consulting at Bain has grown 13-fold over the past 15 years and now represents about one-quarter of the firm’s global business. We maintain a global network of more than 400 experienced professionals serving PE clients. Our practice is more than three times larger than that of the next-largest consulting firm serving private equity funds. Bain’s work with PE spans fund types, including buyout, infrastructure, real estate, debt and hedge funds. We also work with many of the most prominent limited partners (LPs) to PE firms, including sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, financial institutions, endowments and family investment offices. We support our clients across a broad range of objectives: Deal generation: We help PE funds develop the right investment thesis and enhance deal flow, profiling industries, screening companies and devising a plan to approach targets. Due diligence: We help funds make better deal decisions by performing diligence, assessing performance improvement opportunities and providing a post-acquisition agenda. Immediate post-acquisition: We support the pursuit of rapid returns by developing a strategic blueprint for the acquired company, leading workshops that align management with strategic priorities and directing focused initiatives. Ongoing value addition: We help increase company value by supporting revenue enhancement and cost reduction and by refreshing strategy. Exit: We help ensure funds maximize returns by identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing the selling documents and pre-qualifying buyers. Firm strategy and operations: We help PE firms develop their own strategy for continued excellence, focusing on asset-class and geographic…...

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...Bain & Company is an American global management consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm provides advisory services to many of the world's largest businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments.[1] Bain has 50 offices in 32 countries[2] and more than 6,000 employees. It is objectively considered one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world.[3] The new millennium began with Bain & Co. guiding its clients through managing the changes involved in the "New Economy". The economic slowdown following the dotcom boom was painful to all the major consulting players. In response, the firm invested in its leadership ranks with internal promotions and key external hires. Subsequently, the economic recovery has been followed by another period of sustained growth. In 2007, the firm expanded its global footprint to 37 offices, with office openings in Kiev, Moscow, Helsinki, and Frankfurt. The worldwide consulting headcount increased to approximately 2,700. Bain now has more offices in Europe than in any other region; the upshot of which being more revenue comes from its Continental operations than either the North American or Asian markets.[citation needed] With the company facing financial duress, Bain Capital partner Mitt Romney was asked to rejoin and lead Bain & Co. as interim CEO. Bringing along two lieutenants from Bain Capital, Romney began a traveling campaign to rally employees at all Bain offices globally.......

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Xyz Co Co statement show a true and fair state of affairs, the auditors must carry out a process of examination and verification and, if errors and frauds exist they would come to his notice in the ordinary course of checking. But detection of errors of frauds is not the primary aim of audit; the primary aim is the establishment of a degree of reliability of the annual statements of account. If there remains a deep laid fraud in the accounts, which in the normal course of examination of accounts may not come to light, it will not be construed as failure of audit, provided the auditor was not negligent in the carrying out his normal work. This principle was established as early as in 1896 in the leading case in Re-Kingston Cotton Mills Co. Advantages of audit A. Businessman's point of view | B. Investor's point of view | C. Other Advantages. | | | | | | 1 | .Detections of errors and frauds | 1 .Protects interest | 1. | Evaluate financial status | | | | | | | 2 | Loan from banks | 2. | Moral check | 2. | Listing of shares | | | | | | | 3 | Builds reputation | 3. | .Proper valuation of | 3. | Settlements of claims | | | | investments | | | | | | | | | 4 | Proper valuation of assets | 4 | Good security | 4 | 4.Evidence in court | | | | | | | 5. | Government acceptance | | | 5. | 5.Settlement of accounts | | | | | | | 6. | Update accounts | | | 5. | 6.Facilitates calculation of | | | | | |......

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...  Bain & Company was founded in 1973 in Boston, MA with a mission to “redefine the management consulting industry to focus on delivering results, not just producing report” (Bain & Company, 2015a). Bain supports organizations/clients from any industry or geography, focusing their consulting services on vital areas like strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, and merges & acquisitions.             Based on the organizational mission that customers should get results (not just reports), Bain adopted an innovative results-driven strategy to deliver customized solutions, which turn recommendations into concrete actions and help clients beat their competition. The “Results Delivery” approach is one of their secrets of success, which focus on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with the change from day one (Bain & Company, 2015a). Bain has a comprehensive tool kit that includes the decision and organizational scorecard (to assess how your organization is doing compared with competitors and peers), a five-step process for decision-making effectiveness, and the alignment of measures and incentives as a way to keep people pointed toward growth (Bain & Company, 2015b).             Another Bain’s secret of success is their people: “our people make us different—energetic about supporting and challenging our clients in equal measure” (Bain & Company, 2015a). The organizational culture......

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...베인 앤드 컴퍼니 [Bain & Company] 전략컨설팅분야의 다국적기업으로, 1973년 빌 베인(Bill Bain)이 보스턴에 설립하였다. 컨설팅과 투자를 병행하는 뉴컨설팅 분야의 선도주자이며 특히 인터넷분야에서 활발하다. 결과주의를 도입하여 업계 최초로 현금 대신 주식옵션으로 컨설팅 수수료를 받는 제도를 도입하였다. 지금까지 전세계 60여 국가 3,600여 기업에게 컨설팅서비스를 제공하였으며, 고객명이나 프로젝트명조차 밝히지 않을 정도로 고객이 제시한 정보의 비밀을 지켜주기로 유명하다. 세계적인 투자 펀드 등과 함께 공동으로 독립전문사업체인 이볼루션, 베인랩을 설립하였다. 자회사 브리지그룹은 비영리·공공단체를 전문으로 하는 컨설팅업체이다. 한국에는 1991년 국내 컨설팅사와 합작형태로 서울사무소를 설립하였다. 1994년에 독립된 현지법인인 베인&컴퍼니코리아로 정식 등록하여 지금까지 100여 건의 주요 프로젝트를 수행하였다. 본사는 보스턴, 한국사무소는 서울에 있다. 세계5대투자및 전략컨설팅사로는 1.골드만삭스 2.보스톤 3.베인엔컴프니 4.멕켄지 5.모니터 로 나누어지는데 그 중에서 베인엔컴프니는 철저한 고객관리와 고객의 경영비밀을 보장하며 주가관리를 하여 그 성과를 실질적이고 구체적으로 인정받고 있는 회사중의 하나임. 위기의 한국 제조업 공동기획 시리즈 베인 & 컴퍼니 공동기획 2008년 8월 6일 by 신헌철 이승훈 기자 나일론을 최초로 만든 회사로 알려진 미국 듀폰(DuPont). 1802년 창립한 듀폰은 화약 제조로 출발했다. 듀폰은 TNT라는 강력한 대체재가 등장하자 인접 산업인 화학ㆍ섬유로 주력 사업을 발 빠르게 이전했다. 나일론(1935년) 테프론(1938년) 라이크라(1959년) 등을 잇달아 개발해 업계를 평정한 것. 이어 화학산업이 성숙기에 접어들자 바이오에탄올 바이오부탄올 등 `바이오 테크놀로지`라는 새로운 영역으로 핵심역량을 집중하고 있다. 미국 GE 인프라스트럭처는 중국 인도 아프리카 등 신흥시장에 도로, 발전시설, 병원 등 `토털 솔루션`을 제공하고 있다. GE는 특히 인프라스트럭처 건설에 필요한 각종 중간재를 GE 계열사에서 조달해 매출 극대화를 노린다. 이들 기업 사례는 한국 철강, 화학, 에너지 등 중간재 산업이 위기를 극복할 수 있는 해법을 암시하고 있다. ◆ 삼각 파도에 부딪힌 중간재 산업 = 중간재 산업은 1차 원료를 가공해 최종 완제품을 생산하는 업체에 공급하는 제조업 분야다. 원재료인 철광석을 가공해 자동차, 조선업 등에 쓰이는 강판을 만드는 철강산업이나 화학, 에너지 등이 대표적인 중간재 산업이다. 현재 중간재 산업은 크게 세 가지 갈래에서 위기에 처해 있다. 우선 원자재 가격 폭등이다. 원유 등 천연자원 가격이 급등하면서 아예 전 세계적인 부의 흐름이 뒤바뀌고 있는 것이다. 러시아 국영 기업인 가스프롬의 영업이익은 2004년 이후 3배 이상 늘었고, 영업이익률도 26%에서 36%로 증가했다. 반면......

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