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When it came to writing the report it was definitely a long and tedious process. The way I attacked it was that I chose a topic, which was assisting in the redesign of a community association web site. Once that was determined I made sure to give myself plenty of time to get the report done. I took it one day at a time and made sure that everything I wrote was thorough and to the point. I broke down the information I gathered in to different sections such as what were the needs, requirements, what was a plausible idea and what options were just not obtainable. I completed one section at a time, and then I went through an found supporting references for specific items in my report. I organized the information in a way that flowed and made the report easy to read, I wanted to make sure that it went in order and the audience was aware of what was happening and that they were well informed of the information I was putting forth. I did my audience analysis after I completed my proposal. There was no real reason why I did it this way it just made sense to me to put my thoughts on paper and then decide what kind of audience I was addressing.

What I have learned from developing these reports is that it actually takes a lot longer then I thought it would take. I thought I would be able to sit down one day and put everything together in that one sitting. Was I wrong and I’m glad that I realized that early on, because if I had put this off to the last minute I would be suffering. You really have to do research and take notes and get to the basics, in my case of trying to develop a web site. I had to look up the aspects of what it takes for a company for put together a site. I looked in to average prices of what it cost to pay a company to do a web site, time lines for construction, and what were the best options for picking design and layout options.

The way I…...

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