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Required Textbooks and Equipment Instrument Commercial Manual, Jeppesen (current edition). ICM Airman’s Information Manual, FAA (current edition). AIM Federal Aviation Regulations, FAA (current edition). FAR Airport Facilities Directory, NOAA (current edition). AFD FAA Instrument Pilot Exam Questions/Answers (Gleim). FAA IFR ENROUTE LOW ALTITUDE charts – U.S. L-23/24 US Terminal Procedures (Approach plate) – SE-3

Optional- Jeppesen Chart Subscription, (current Florida coverage). Aviation Weather Services, NOAA, AC 00-45C (current edition). AWS

Course Description

This course develops aeronautical knowledge required for addition of an Instrument Airplane rating to a Private Pilot certificate. Topics include instrument flying regulations, safety, operations, navigation systems, chart use, weather, flight planning, decision-making, and crew resource management. Prerequisites AS 121.

Course Goals

This course provides the aeronautical knowledge to continue the development of a professional pilot through practical application of basic aerodynamics, aircraft performance, regulations, and flight planning in a single-pilot, IFR environment. This course also continues to build the understanding of those essential elements of crew resource management, such as crew communication, crew coordination, and teamwork required by the aviation industry.

Performance Objectives

During this course the student will, to the satisfaction of the instructor, demonstrate competency in the following areas:

1. Describe the function and operating principles of flight instrument systems used in various types of general aviation training aircraft.

2. Explain and give examples of proper techniques for controlling an aircraft by reference of flight instruments.

3. Describe the function and…...

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