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Maddi Shultz 1st period January 17, 2012

Judith, Jango-Cohen. “Guardians of the grizzly: a scientist teams up with a Canadian tribal group to protect bears, grizzly bears.”Super Science Jan. 2012; p8. Print.

Cutting-edge - (noun) –cut•ting-edge: forefront; lead
Drugging - (verb) –drug•ging: a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well- being Analyze- (verb) – an•a•lyze: to separate into constituent parts or elements
Genetic-(adj.) – ge•net•ic: of, pertaining to, or produced by genes
Impact-(noun) –im•pact: influence; effect

“Guardians of the grizzly: a scientist teams up with a Canadian tribal group to protect bears, grizzly bears” is about scientist, Chris Filardi, studying the nature of grizzly bears and learning about them. He partners up with western Canada’s Heiltsuk, people native to that part of North America. They help him in his studies by using their techniques and strategies to find information about them. One of their techniques was to find a bear trial in the forest and wrap a string of barbed wire around a nearby tree. That way, when a bear brushes against it, some of their fur will be stuck in it. They can analyze that, because each bear has its own DNA, they can use that to find how high or low the grizzly bear population is in that area. So basically, the article was about how Filardi and the Heiltsuk found information about grizzly bears.

I, personally, agree with the content of this article. It had some really helpful information for readers to learn more about the nature of grizzly bears.
I learned that the current population of the grizzly bears in Canada seems to be decreasing. I wonder how they managed to find strands of fur from each and every grizzly bear in the forest they were in. They said they used barbed wire,…...

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