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An insight into the tablet war

Business Strategy 2012


In May 2010, Apple, one of the biggest competitors in the market of technological devices, launches the Ipad, the first tablet, creating a completely new market in this sector. The Ipad had an amazing success and Apple achieved to sell 1 million units in only 28 days (74 days and 360 days for the Iphone and the Ipod). All the other big electronic companies, like Samsung, Sony or Motorola, decided to immediately follow the wave launched by Apple by creating their own tablets. But among the entire followers one is completely different considering its strategy and its core business: The biggest Internet retailer, which already decided to enter into the market of technological devices by launching an e-reader named “the kindle” in 2007, created in 2011 its own tablet named “the Kindle Fire”. In 2012, while Apple still holds more than the half of the market share in the tablet sector, decided to launch its second generation of Kindle Fire a few weeks before the launch of the third generation of Ipad. And even if does not seemed to be, at first sight, a really serious competitor for Apple, like Samsung could be, its innovative strategy could make it the most disruptive concurrent of the Californian Company. That is why we decided to make a study about the strategy used by Amazon to sell its Kindles. The first part will be focused on the history and the culture of Amazon. Then we will move to the study of the global market of tablets in order to identify the key aspects of this new market. And finally our last part will be completely focused on the strategy compared to the one of its biggest competitor: Apple.

Part I: a company focused on customer needs was founded in 1993. Jeff Bezos, who was graduated from…...

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...Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, has quickly become one of the most valuable retail stores in the US and is looking to expand even further. It initially started as an online bookstore, but with Bezos’ vision to become a dominant retailer, has expanded its services with fulfillment centers, Amazon Prime, and AmazonFresh. Within the past two decades, customers can find almost anything sold through Amazon from diapers to computers. Bezos’ continues to focus on innovations to drive lower prices, and faster delivery by improving operations, infrastructure, and programs to meet customer demands. The initial Amazon headquarters began in Jeff Bezos’ garage. Bezos’ took into consideration low cost products that was easy to sell on the internet. The cost of selling books was relatively low in comparison to other items and there was demand. Customers were able to search for any type of book ranging from textbooks or hard-to-find book from anywhere in the country while sitting in the comfort of their own home. The shopping experience was easy, offering price comparisons of different merchants selling the same item. Customers were also offered the option to purchase new or used books based on their preference or the amount of money they would like to spend. Overall, it was simple, easy, and secure. However, Bezos was going to take it even further. He wanted to offer customers a portal to buy anything. Bezos took the online book selling experience and grew it to offer customers......

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