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All My Life For Sale

Gold Cross Necklace:
This Hawaiian manufactured gold cross necklace is the perfect combination of sophistication and subtlety. The simple, lightweight build of the gold chain in combination with the cleanly designed gold cross presents a stunning necklace. This necklace was purchased and resided in Maui with my grandfather for about 15 years. Worn daily, this necklace has been all around the world including incredible destinations such as Ireland, France, England, Africa, Japan. This necklace has given strength and power to my grandfather to help overcome life obstacles while also providing security when accomplishing great things. When it was past down to me, this necklace has seen many of my accomplishments like my confirmation and graduation. Having seen many beautiful sites and endeavors, this simple gold cross necklace has provided me with a gateway to my grandfathers past accomplishments and always reminds me to never stop working hard.

Price: $1,000

Gold Notre Dame Mini-Helmet: This miniature Notre Dame gold football helmet will be a prized possession for any true Notre Dame Football fan. The details in the structure of this helmet are very realistic. The actual padding inside the helmet, the face guard, and mouth protector make your feel as if you are in the game yourself. My grandfather was a University of Notre Dame graduate in 1953, and ever since then he has been all about supporting Notre Dame. This helmet has been part of our tailgating décor at all of the football games we’ve attended. When Notre Dame was traveling, the helmet would be above our television for good luck. This helmet has really become a piece of family history because it holds so many great memories about our times surrounded by family and friends. It is no longer available at any retailers, which really makes this item…...

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...Throughout my whole life I’ve learned that not everything is rainbows and butterflies. I’ve learned that whatever I do in my life it will never be good enough for my parents. The day of my graduation, I didn’t really feel like going but my parents made me. I had my whole entire family there, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma, grandpa and of course my siblings and parents. Driving up to my graduation was pretty nerve racking, I kept thinking to myself what if I fall down during my walk across the stage, but thankfully I didn’t. while I was sitting there waiting for my principle and all the valedictorians to stop talking; it was finally my turn to walk across the stage and for a minute I looked at all my family members so they can take a picture and I thought that for once they were proud of me. I have accomplished the impossible, according to them. I was excited to be done with the torture chamber of being high school, as I said bye to “my so called friends” I was glad I wasn’t going to see them anymore, the only friend I had was just my best gay friend. After my graduation was over; I meet my whole entire family outside to take pictures and celebrate what I thought was something they would be proud of. My parents didn’t even say congratulations to me. For a minute I was dumb enough to think everything will change. They told me I needed to graduate with my class and I tried my hardest to achieve that so they could be proud of me; I attended night school classes all my......

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