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Advice for managers: Intrapersonal Skills
Achieve and Maintain Confidence, Focus, and Positive Self-image

Decreasing Self-Oriented Perfectionism Work on your self-esteem, and try to stop the automatic thinking that sets your sights so high that your efforts can never measure up. It is OK to be hard on yourself on occasion, but be sure to take some time to be proud of your successes as a manager - and as a person. Reflect seriously about how you perceive yourself. Note your own negative and positive self-impressions. Write down what you like about yourself, what your strengths are, the people to whom you are important, and why you are important to them. Also, keep track of your negative perceptions and try to figure out why you took that particular issue so seriously. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Explore why you should be proud of yourself and review this list often. Keep a journal of your thoughts, moods, and daily activities. Observe your automatic reactions to events at work and how you feel about yourself during daily life. If you make what you see as a horrendous mistake and feel like the lowest, lamest, most despicable worm on the earth, then write down the event, how you feel about yourself, and how you interpret the situation. Next, consider the situation from other perspectives and write these thoughts down as well. Follow these steps to gain new insight about your perceptions: - Do a serious reality-check: Are other people thinking as scathingly about you? If friends or colleagues were in your shoes, how would you interpret the situation? You probably wouldn't be so harsh towards them. - Think about what your mistake will mean in one week, 3 months, or even in two years. Think of all of the other people in the world who are making mistakes. In the big picture, your blunder is probably not a big deal. In fact, all of this self-reflection will lead…...

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