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By guest author Vineet Nayar
[Vineet Nayar, vice chairman and CEO of India-based HCL Technologies (HCLT), had no illusions about the fact that by the spring of 2005, the company was slipping: "HCLT was like [a] childhood friend who suddenly looked old. Once one of India’s corporate stars, HCLT was growing more slowly than the market leader in its industry [...] and slower than its immediate rivals, losing market share and falling behind in mindshare, too.” One day, says Nayar, HCLT decided to change. He discusses how the company went about its transformation in his book, Employees First, Customers Second, which was published in 2010 by Harvard Business Press and available from the press; on Amazon, Powell’s Books, and Flipkart; and in bookstores.
On this Employees First, Customers Second approach, Nayar writes, “The conventional wisdom, of course, says that companies must always put the customer first. In any services business, however, the true value is created in the interface between the employee and the customer. So, by putting employees first, you can bring about fundamental change in the way a company creates and delivers unique value for its customers and differentiates itself from its competitors.”
The EFCS approach has four parts: * Mirror Mirror: Creating the Need for Change * Trust Through Transparency: Creating a Culture of Change * Inverting the Organizational Pyramid: Building a Structure for Change * Recasting the Role of the CEO: Transferring the Responsibility for Change
Over the next two weekends, we’ll present excerpts from each of the four steps.]
Employees First, Customers Second – Mirror Mirror: Creating the Need for Change
The process we followed to get employees to see our situation at point A is one that eventually came to be called Mirror Mirror.
Mirror Mirror is a communications exercise that involves talking with…...

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