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As a family we enjoy interacting in certain activities. My mother enjoys sitting around the house watching lifetime movies and eating hot dogs. My father loves to go fishing every chance he gets. That’s his meditation. My brother enjoys playing football. Football is his life. He wants to be in the NFL. My sister enjoys spending time with her friends, going out and exploring certain parts of the town. My other brother enjoys shopping for clothes. He takes pride in his clothing, and to him clothes are what make a person. My aunts enjoy drinking. They feel the best way to have a good time is if you are either drunk or almost drunk. My little cousins enjoy running around outside until the soles of their shoes have fallen off. However, none of those activities are what I enjoy doing. The activity I enjoy is playing basketball. One reason I enjoy playing basketball is because it kept me out of trouble. Another reason I enjoy playing basketball because it’s a family game.
Playing basketball is something I have always enjoyed doing very since I was a little girl. I have played basketball for church organizations, school, and, the most common place, the park. Basketball plays a major role in my life. It’s more than just a game to me. It’s a lifestyle. Basketball is my everything. I really don’t know who I would be if I was never introduced to the game of basketball. Basketball kept me on the right path of life. I stayed out of trouble because I stayed in the gym. I always thought when I was a little girl that I would grow up and be just like Lisa Leslie because she is not only a good basketball player but also a good person. She played the game with heart and she gave back to the community. Basketball was my escape from troubled life. I was never a good kid but when I started playing basketball I stayed out of trouble because I didn’t have time to create problems.…...

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