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Access 2007 Unit A: Getting Started with Access 2007


1. More than one person can be entering, updating, and using an Access database at the same time. T 2. An Access database may be as large as 200 gigabytes. F 3. Tables contain all of the data in the database. T 4. The [F2] key switches between Edit and Navigation modes. T 5. The Navigation buttons on a datasheet display the total number of fields in the datasheet. F 6. Field names appear in the top row of a datasheet. T 7. Values in an AutoNumber field cannot be edited. T 8. You can move datasheet columns by dragging the field name left or right. T 9. The [Esc] key will only affect the current field being edited. T 10. Once you have created and named a field, you cannot resize the width of the field in a datasheet. F 11. The focus refers to which data you would edit if you started typing. T 12. Pressing [Ctrl][;] will insert the current date. T


1. Microsoft Office Access can best be described as ____ software.
|a. |Spreadsheet |c. |Database |
|b. |Presentation |d. |Systems |

2. Which is NOT a feature of Access reports?
|a. |Multiple headers |
|b. |Multiple footers |
|c. |Calculations on groups of records |
|d. |The ability to enter data through a data entry screen |

3. Which is NOT true about Access?
|a. |It can be used to…...

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