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Strategic Analysis of Syngenta

Jolly was a young, bright girl, studying her Bachelor of Business Administration. When she came home from college, her mind was occupied by the assignment given to her in her Business Strategy Class. She had to pick up a company of her choice and complete strategic analysis, over a period of three years, consisting of size of the organization, financial performance, operational performance, some tailored measures of performance relating to the organization’s industry, competitor analysis, strategic actions of the organization, and strategic issues faced. She thought that she would figure out what procedure to follow from her

prescribed textbook ‘Strategic Management – Theory and Application,’ by Adrian Haberberg & Alison Rieple. After a certain thought, she chose Syngenta – headquartered at Basel, Switzerland. Jolly referred to the textbook and jotted down the procedure as below.

Procedure for doing the Strategic Analysis: 1) Evaluate financial performance: Calculate the following quantities and analyze them and find out the trend in the last three years. Overall Sales Overall Profit Profitability ratios such as Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Assets (ROA), and Return on Capital Employed(ROCE).

2) Measure operational performance: Page 1 of 29

Calculate the following quantities; find out the trend and analyze: Operating profit Operating profit as a percentage of sales (profit margin) Sales per employee Operating profit per employee

3) Find out some tailored measures of performance: Since Syngenta is an agribusiness company deriving its strength from innovations, Jolly thought she should find the following quantities. R&D expenditure as a % of sales

4) Competitor analysis: Find out the competitors of Syngenta Find out the following figures of the competitors and compare Syngenta’s figures with them.  Overall sales…...

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