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Society like Qing China had an influential ideology in making laws which is Confucianism. Specifically in this paper, I will focus on Chastity law in Qing China. Most of scholars, who had previous studies about the law, had written from the viewpoint of state that is based on patriarchal system. It makes sense somehow because states were the lawmakers and law was exercised as an instrument to control and maintain the state power at that time. So, in this paper, I would like to see the chastity law from the view point of women because I study that there is gender inequality and the consequence problems of chastity law in Qing society. I also think that the Qing law served the interest of the women of the rich household but not the poor women. For example, it is hard for a common widow to survive while keeping chastity since they are economically weak. In one study, it mentions that the widow populations were dramatically increasing dynasty by dynasty in China since 17th century. Thus, at one glance, chastity law seemed to be successful in its application to society. However, I do not think that the rise of widow population means the chastity law is perfect. Thus, my hypothesis is that whether the widows really satisfied with chastity law that was strictly imposed on them. In other words, I would examine whether all widows follow the chastity law or not. Also, I would also examine that weather the chastity law is the protection of widows or not. In case of poor widows, they might choose to remarry. Accordingly, this paper will have a study on the chastity law in Qing society by examining the problems that widows at the time might surely had faced in terms of chastity laws posed on them. My paper is elaborated mainly based on Matthew H. Sommer’s artcle.
As I mentioned in my introductory part, laws regarding with relations between sexuality and gender are based on…...

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